US.PRO 9 dalių 1/2" smūginių galvučių komplektas

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This set will remove and replace most hub cap locks on GM, Ford, Chrysler and after market wheel lug locks without factory original key.

Includes: GM hubcap lock remover, GM sprocket hubcap remover, Ford and Chrysler hubcap lock remover, large universal locking lug nut remover, large wheel cover lock remover, remover for stripped 18mm lug nuts, GM "M" and "F" body wheel lock remover and lug nut remover punch. Fits most domestic and import vehicles and light trucks. Made with chrome moly steel for strength. Use with hand driver or impact wrench
1/2" SQ DR:
50.8L (Ø27*Ø26.4)
57L (Ø27)
57L (Ø31.5)
66L (Ø31.5)
50.8L (Ø16*Ø10.7)
50.8L (Ø16*Ø13*Ø8.4)
50.8L (Ø18.6*Ø14.1)
50.8L (Ø21.5*Ø18.4*Ø16)
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