US.PRO 101 dalies laidų karpymo ir terminalų komplektas

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Set includes a 215mm Crimping and Stripping Tool and a selection of insulated terminals.

For stripping wires: 0.75 - 6.0mm
Crimping insulated terminals: 1.5mm (Red), 2.5mm (Blue) & 6mm (Yellow)
ISO Terminal Sizes: M2.6, M3, M3.5, M4 and M5
Wire Cutter
Contains 100 assorted Insulated Terminals
Insulated Ring Terminals
RV1-3 20pcs Blue and Red 10pcs each
RV1-5 10pcs Blue
RV5-5 5pcs Yellow
Insulated Butt Connectors
BV1 10pcs Red
BV2 10pcs Blue
BV5 5pcs Yellow
Insulated Fork Terminals
SV1-3 20pcs Blue and Red 10pcs each
Insulated Female Spade Terminals
FDD2-250 10pcs Red
Insulated Male Spade Terminals
MDD2-250 10pcs Blue
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