CT Neilsen pneumatinis plaktukas ir adatinis skaleris

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This professional quality heavy duty 150mm Air Hammer with 4 x 120mm Chisels is ideal for handling a large range of cutting requirements.
It is ideal for automotive, garage and home workshop use.
This is a very useful tool which is great for removing paint, rust etc.
Suitable for use on heavier work such as wheels, engine blocks, chassis rails and box sections etc., this attachment simply screws onto the Air Hammer.
It is made up of approximately 19 needles which chip away at the surface.
Air Hammer Specifications:
Air Inlet: 1/4''
BPM: 4500
Air Pressure: 90 P.S.I
Average Air Consumption: 4 CFM
Delivers Hard-Hitting Hammering
Long-Life Alloy Steel Barrel
Heat-Treated Piston
Needle De-scaler Specifications:
Ideal for removing paint and rust
19 needles chip away at surface
Heavy duty steel casing
Knurled ring
Black oxide finish to prevent corrosion
Length: 230mm
Inner diameter: 30mm
Outer diameter: 50mm
1 x Air Hammer
1 x Taper Punch
1 x Ripping Chisel
1 x Tailpipe Cutter Chisel
1 x Spot Weld Breaker Chisel
1 x Coil Spring Chisel Retainer
1 x Needle De-Scaler Attachmen